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[Opinion] Chat GPT is the birth of the real Web 3.0, and it's not going to be fun.

Johan Lajili published on
8 min, 1440 words

You hear a lot about chatGPT and GPT-3 these days. For some it's the birth of a real AI, whilst other feels it's just an overhyped gimmick. My take is that whilst it is definitely not "real" AI (whatever that means), it's a very valuable tool that is here to stay. It will transform the way most of us access information. But its inhate flaws (hallucinations, bias) as well as its potential for abuse (fake news, sponsors) will make us regret the days of getting our information from Facebook.

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Japanese explained to programmers

Johan Lajili published on
4 min, 627 words

Being born in France, I was immersed in Japanese culture from a very young age. Whether it was some imported Yu-Gi-Oh card found in a local store that taught me my first kanji (ideogram) at 11 (水), to a constant stream of Anime culture and video games.

I've always been fascinated by the language, learning it during recess at school, in some class in university, and more recently with the help of WaniKani, a pretty neat SRS (spaced repetition system) app that teaches you kanji and vocabulary.

But as a programmer, something about Japanese has always felt natural. Whereas English and French can feel a bit chaotic, there is a sense of order in the Japanese language that reminds me of functional programming of all things. Let's examine this.

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"Initial commit"

Johan Lajili published on
1 min, 111 words

Every blogpost must start with a single post. This is the one.

Let me take this opportunity to mention the tech stack behind this website.

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